Frequently Asked Questions - General

What is GWOS?

GWOS is short for 'Glencore Workforce Onboarding System'. The product is called Go! Site approved which developed by PIAGO Whilst there is a crossover process, GWOS will manage . new site applications and the onboarding requirements for Glencore Coal Sites in QLD and NSW moving forward.

I'm an admin for my contracting company, how do I submit site applications for my contractors like I did in Damstra?

Frist, you'll need to create an account for your company, make a request to your Glencore site for this account to be upgraded, and after a few checks are done you'll be upgraded with an introductory email from GWOS. Usually this process takes up to 24 hours, but we are experiencing an influx of requests at the moment so allow up to 48. Please contact your Glencore Site Representative for any further questions.

Can I view all the expiry dates for all my employees in GWOS like I could in Damstra?

Yes, As per our system upgrade in July 2020, Employer Admins have the access to see a full list of training records of all their employees. This option is available in your side panel are "Employee Trainings".

What if I have issues using the GWOS system?

GWOS has an onscreen widget to send support requests to. This is managed directly by a Glencore Support Team M-F during business hours. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response, however we will endeavour to answer quicker whenever possible. To assist with your issue, please ensure you detail as much information as possible about your issue. For any urgent assistance, please contact your Glencore Site Representative.

Frequently Asked Questions - Damstra

How do I register a GWOS account?

In the home page of GWOS "" you have 4 different option based on what you want to do. By clicking on the relevant section, you have the option "Register a new account". After putting all the requested details and passing two factor authentication you are logged in to GWOS.

I submitted my application, where is it now?

After Submission, You will receive an email confirming you have submitted your application. Then the application will get sent to the site and will get assessed by the eligible site admins to review and Approve/Reject. You will be notified via email when your application is passing each step of the process.

Where is my elearning and training documents?

After getting approved for a site If required, You will need to finish E-learning courses which will appear on top of the screen in your dashboard.You can see the list of your training documents via "My Training" tab on top of the screen in your dashboard.

How do I upload training documents?

You can upload your training documents via "My Training" tab on top of the screen in your dashboard.

I need to do my GGI refresher, how do I do this?

After logging in to your account, You can go to "My Training" section and find your GGI course. By clicking on orange "elearning" button you will ge navigated to start your GGI refresher.

When will my e-learning be available to be completed?

e-learning will be available if needed once your profile is approved by the site admin.